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Frequently Asked Questions

1.I want to buy an 8-series BMW. Where do I find one?
In some big car magazines there are sometimes 8-series for sale. Also look on the internet where there are online places where cars are for sale (exact word missing ;-)
2.I want to buy a BMW 8-series car, model year a, with b miles on the clock, costing c money. Is that okay?
One cannot answer that over the internet. It depends on the car (see tips on buying at the next question).
3.I want to buy a BMW 8-series car. To what do I have to pay attention to?
The following list isn't assumed to be complete:

  • Brakes (they wear easily on a car weighing this much).
  • Display of the onboard computer. Often pixel columns go dead which means an expensive repair. To test whether the display is functional, turn on the ignition and press the '1000' and '10' button on the computer simultaneously. The display shows 'TEST-NR. --'. Press Button '1' and then 'Set/RES'. All LEDs will now lighthen up (at least they should). Return to normal operations by pressing any of the function keys.
  • Service history. Regular inspections are extremely important. The 8-series is very cheap to maintain compared to other cars with similar power. But if you get a badly treated or unmaintained one, the cost will raise beyond imagination.
  • Dealer chack. With a car of this price you shouldn't take any risks or chances. So go to a BMW dealer and have it checked completely before you buy it. Does the seller not want you to do that, just turn around and go away - he's hiding something.
4.I have the following problem with my 8-series: [...] Can you help me with that?
No, unfortunately not. Or: I should better not try to do so. The 8-series is a complicated car and neither do I have the experience, nor do I have the ability to give technical or mechanical hints. I'm sorry.
5.How much will an 8-series cost me to insure?
That depends on the insurance company ;-) Some of them do not ensure the 8-series at all some only if the driver is older than 25 (at least here in Germany). So you better ask for yourself.
6.Who ist that strange webmaster and why is there no picture of him?
This website is about the 8-series BMW, not about me just because I own one. That's why I consider it unnecessary or even inappropriate to display myself here. But to calm the most curious I will tell you that my first name is Mike ;-)